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Deep fry Crispy Egg Rolls

Vietnamese style fried eggrolls filled with ground chicken, cabbage, carrots, onions, and clear noodles

$1.50 each or 4 for $5.00


Fresh Wrap Spring Rolls (2 Rolls per order)

Includes fresh lettuce, cucumber, herbs, and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper.  Served with our house peanut sauce.

(Gluten free Without peanut sauce )


Shrimp                                                 $3.75

Veggie                                                  $3.25


Extra peanut sauce  $.50




6 inch Grilled sandwich with cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, pickled carrots and daikon. 


Grilled Chicken                              $4.75

Grilled Pork                                   $4.75

Grilled Beef                                   $5.25

Teri Tofu                                       $4.75



Pho: is a noodle soup that consists of tender rice noodles in a steaming aromatic broth with your choice of meat, seafood, or tofu and garnished with bean sprouts, fresh Thai basil, cilantro, onion and green onion.

1.   Chicken Pho:                 $4.99     $6.85

         Sliced chicken breast in its own chicken   

         broth with a hint of ginger.

2.   Beef Steak Pho:              $5.45    $7.25

       Thinly sliced steak in beef broth.

3.   Well Done Beef Pho:      $5.25    $6.99

         Thinly sliced cooked beef flank

4.   Beef Meatball Pho:        $5.25    $6.99

       Savory beef meatballs in beef broth

5.   Beef Combo Pho:           $5.99    $7.75

       Thinly sliced steak, flank, and

         Beef meatballs, in a beef broth.

6.   Seafood Pho:                   $6.99   $8.75

         Crab meat, shrimp and tilapia in a seafood broth.  

7.   Veggie Pho:                     $4.99   $6.85

       Tofu and mixed vegetables in a vegetable broth.

8.   BUN BO HUE:                  $8.25

         Rice noodles soup that has beef, pork, shrimp, thinly

         Sliced cabbage, bean sprouts, lettuce, mint

         Cilantro, green onion in a mild spicy beef

         And pork broth with lemongrass.

(stir-fry PHO)

Tender rice noodles, stir fry with eggs, carrots, cabbage, onions.  Topped off with bean sprouts and peanuts and your choice of:

9.     Grilled Lemongrass Chicken:    $6.99

10.   Lemongrass Pork:                       $6.99

11.   Grilled Teri Beef:                        $7.65

12.   Teri Chicken:                               $6.99

13.   Shrimp:                                        $7.75

14.  Tofu:                                              $6.85

15.   Combo:                                         $7.99

Choose from any two items above (Shrimp extra $.99)

                EGG NOODLES (MI XAO) 

Egg noodles stir-fry with mixed vegetables and your choice of   meat, shrimp, or tofu in our house teriyaki sauce.


16   Teri Chicken:                          $6.99

17   Lemongrass Pork:                    $6.99

18   Teri Beef:                                $7.45

19   Shrimp:                                    $7.75

20   Veggie:                                    $6.85

21   Tofu:                                        $6.85

22   Combo:                                    $8.99

Choose from any two items above


         Rice macaroni(NUI XAO)

Stir fry Vietnamese rice macaroni, mixed veggies and your choice of meat in our house peanut curry sauce.


23.    Teri Chicken:                        $7.25

24.   Lemongrass Pork:                 $7.25

25.   Teri Beef:                             $7.65

26.   Shrimp:                                 $7.99

27.   Veggie:                                 $6.99

28.   Tofu:                                     $6.99

29.   Combo:                                  $9.25

                    Choose from any two items above                


               CRISPY NOODLES

                                                (MI XAO GION)

Stir fry mixed veggies with you choice of meat in our house tomato sauce on top of deep fried crispy noodles:


30.    Teri Chicken:                          $7.25

31.   Lemongrass Pork:                   $7.25

32.   Teri Beef:                               $7.65

33.   Shrimp:                                   $7.99

34.   Veggie:                                   $6.99

35.   Tofu:                                      $6.99

36a. Combo:                                    $9.25

                    Choose from any two items above                



Rice noodles salad: consists of shredded lettuce, fresh herbs, bean sprouts, cucumber, topped with crushed roasted peanuts.  Served with our classic Vietnamese vinegar sauce, and your choice of topping

36   Grilled Lemongrass Chicken*    $6.99

           Bite size chicken on skewers

37   Grilled Lemongrass Pork*          $6.99

        Bite size pieces of pork loin marinated  

           in lemongrass.

38   Grilled Teri Beef:                         $7.75

           Rib eye beef marinated in teriyaki sauce

39   Grilled Shrimp*                           $7.85

           Marinated in house special seasoning

40   Grilled Salmon*                           $8.99

        4oz salmon glazed with house five spice sauce

41   Teri Chicken:                               $6.99

         Sliced chicken breast marinated in our                

           house teriyaki sauce

42   Fried Eggrolls:                             $6.85

           Our chicken fried eggrolls

43   Fried Teri Tofu:                           $6.85

         Fried tofu pan fried with teriyaki sauce       

44   Combo:                                         $9.25

Choose any two topping above for

Combination. (Salmon extra $1.99)



Served with white rice or brown rice ($.99 extra), or fried rice ($1.50 extra) and vegetables and your choice of meats:


45.  Grilled Lemongrass Chicken*        $6.99

         Bite size chicken on skewers

46.   Grilled Salmon*                           $8.99

           4oz Salmon glazed with house five spice sauce

47.   Grilled Teri Beef:                        $7.75

           Rib eye beef marinated in house teriyaki sauce

48.   Grilled Pork Chop*                      $7.49

         Marinated in Vietnamese traditional sauce

49.   Grilled Shrimp*                           $7.85

           Seasoned in house dry rub with a hint of curry

50.   Combo:                                       $8.99

Choose any two above meat or shrimp or salmon

($1.99 extra for salmon)

51.   Stir fry Teri Chicken:                    $6.99

          Chicken breast with mixed vegetables

52.   Stir fry Teri Beef:                         $7.25

        Beef with mixed vegetables

53.   Stir fry Teri Shrimp:                      $7.85

        Shrimp with mixed vegetables

54.   Stir fry Teri Tofu:                          $6.85

          Stir fry fried tofu with mixed vegetables

55.   Double Topping                              $8.99

        Choice of any two above stir-fry meat, shrimp or tofu



Served with white Rice or Brown rice ($.99 extra) or Rice noodles and mixed vegetables, potatoes, Thai basil, coconut milk

56.   Chicken Curry                         $7.49

57.   Pork Curry                              $7.49

58.   Beef Curry                              $7.75

59.   Shrimp Curry                           $7.99

60.   Seafood Curry                          $8.75

61.   Tofu Curry                               $7.25

*Gluten free dishes


Made with real fresh fruits and homemade yogurt

Hot Tea (Tazo)                                 $1.50

Fountain Drinks                                $1.50

Mango Freeze                                   $3.00

Strawberry Freeze                            $3.00

Coconut Freeze                                 $3.00

Blended Tea Freeze                          $3.00

Vietnamese Ice Coffee                      $3.00

Vietnamese Coffee Freeze                 $3.00

Coconut /Coffee Freeze                     $3.25

Avocado Freeze                                 $3.50

Yogurt Strawberry Freeze                  $3.25

Yogurt Mango Freeze                         $3.25


Add Tapioca Pearls   $.50

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